Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day #81 - My heart rate went above 140 today . . . .

Today's run was challenging - but I really enjoyed it.  Take a look . . .

2 Miles at 8:20 pace per mile
3 minutes rest (easy jog)
2 Miles at 8:00 pace per mile
3 minutes rest (easy jog)
2 Miles at 7:30 pace per mile
1 Mile at 9.00 pace per mile
My max heart rate was 181 during the run.  I rarely if ever get a runner's high; but I did today.  From mile 4 to the end of the run I felt as good as I ever have running.  For more information on a runner's high visit the following website:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day #81 - A routine run . . . .

The week started off with an easy run - 5 miles at an 8.55 pace.  I would never have thought when I began to train for the NYC Marathon two years ago that one day 5 miles would be an easy run.  It has been an interesting process and enlightening process.  Eight weeks from yesterday is race day. 

My emotions range from super-excited and confident to nervous and less than confident about reaching my goal of a sub-4-hour marathon. I tend to have an anxious personality and that can tend to wear me out sometimes.  My inability to 'turn my mind off' keeps me up too often at night.

I am not your go-to guy if you want advice on how to get a good nights sleep.  :)

Tomorrow is a challenging workout - I am really looking forward to it.

Day # 80 - Sabbath day is a rest day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day #78 and #79 - Powder skiing for two days is a great and fun way to cross-train . . . .

My legs are feeling tired - which is a good thing - after two days of skiing powder at Keystone.  I love to ski in any conditions but powder is a blast.  The family skiied together on Friday and on Saturday, since the everyone else had to head home Friday night, it was just Kelly and me.  We were at the lifts when they opened and skied untracked powder - nice.

Curious as to how many calories you burn doing certain activities . . . take a look:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day #77 - Breakfast with Phillip Buckley on my rest day . . . .

I met with my running coach Phillip Buckley this morning for breakfast.  If I reach my goal of a sub-4-hour marathon Phillip will have played a critical role. We discussed my final 8 weeks of training, race strategy, reviewed the marathon course, etc.  I report the results of each run to Phillip and based on the information, he adjusts my training schedule. 

If you are going to invest significant time to reach a significant goal - do not hesitate to use the expertise of others.  If you are going to run, Phillip is your man.

Day #76 - Longest run so far . . . .

My 'long' runs are now really long runs. A snowstorm and cold weather meant that my 18 mile run would have to be completed indoors. You would think that with an iPod and 5 televisions hanging in front of me it would be hard to get bored - but boredom set in early.  Eventually, I took off the headphones and just ran.  I actually enjoy running to the sound of my own breathing rhythm.  I read an article about 'visualizing' your next big race when you run long distances.  So - I pictured in my mind standing in Dodger Stadium ready for the marathon to start; then I heard the gun go off; then the huge crowd of people started to move.  

Per my Phillip Buckley training schedule I ran the 18 miles at an 9.40 pace.  My Max Heart Rate was 148. It is easy to climb off the treadmill and head for home - DON'T.  I immediately consumed a recovery drink and walked 1/2 mile to cool down before heading home for something to eat.

Running and drinking go hand-in-hand . . . . read the following article:,7124,s6-242-302--10086-0,00.html

I will need to run an average pace of 8.58 to complete the marathon in 3:55.

I can do it.

Day #75 - A few laps before 18 miles . . . .

Kelly and I headed to the gym early in the morning. Kelly biked and I swam laps for 45 minutes. Although I am awake well before 6:15 am - which is when we head to the gym - I am not a huge fan of morning workouts.  Kelly is a good influence in making sure we get in the car and get our morning workouts completed.

One of the benefits of working out in the morning is that you get it done early - before the day gets busy and plans change.  Today was a great example of this.  My plan was to swim in the morning and then run after work.  The problem - a client meeting went long and then a member of my family in California needed some help.  By the time the phone call ended it was way too late to run. I was a little frustrated - which I should not have been.  Family comes first.

I will be out of town on Friday and Saturday so my long run this week will be tomorrow.

Take a look at a trainer's thoughts on morning vs. evening workouts . . . .